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General Information

The Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory (GSL) is a Department of Defense (DoD) research and engineering organization that serves the U.S. Army and the Nation by developing solutions to challenges in geotechnical and structural engineering and related disciplines. Its mission focuses on military engineering to develop innovative technologies for survivability and protective structures, airfields/pavements, and sustained maneuverability, and on civil works engineering to support water-resource infrastructure and geosciences. A recent fact sheet provides an overview of research conducted in GSL.

GSL has a rich history, dating to the early 1930s, and is today a vital organization of more than 350 engineers, scientists, technicians, and administrative and support personnel who are dedicated to providing technical expertise and service of the highest quality.

GSL operates a number of unique laboratory and research facilities, including the world's most powerful centrifuge dedicated to engineering and scientific research and the DoD's lead pavements research facility for roadways, permanent airfields, contingency airfields, and railroads.

We invite you to explore this Web site in depth—to discover GSL's broad-ranging expertise and facilities, its success stories, and its evolving capabilities for meeting future challenges.

GSL Brochure

To request copies of the GSL brochure, contact the Director's Office.

The brochure is also available for downloading as a PDF file at  

Contacts for GSL Information

If you wish to obtain information concerning GSL capabilities, facilities, or products, please follow the e-mail links below so that we can direct your request to the appropriate individual.

Office of the Director and Technical Directors

Engineering Systems and Materials Division – Chief

Geosciences and Structures Division – Chief


General comments or questions about GSL can be directed via e-mail to the GSL Director's Office, or sent to the following mailing address:

   U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center
   Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory
   3909 Halls Ferry Road
   Vicksburg, MS 39180-6199

To obtain information concerning other elements of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, visit the USACE Web site or send email to the USACE Public Affairs Office.

GSL Vision

GSL is recognized as a premier R&D organization that is sought out by customers and partners.

We develop and maintain a relevant and vibrant research program that includes a robust reimbursable portfolio.

We are a highly skilled, adaptable team with unique facilities that enable us to perform cutting-edge research.

We operate in an efficient and effective manner.

We provide comprehensive solutions to the nation’s and the warfighter’s toughest challenges, to make the world safer and better.

GSL Mission

The GSL conducts research, development, and technology transfer in the areas of Force Projection, Maneuver Support, Force Protection, Weapons Effects, and Civil Works Infrastructure to serve the warfighter and the Nation.

We provide engineering and scientific solutions through a unique combination of laboratory experimentation, material
characterization, full-scale field testing, and high-performance computational analysis.

GSL Leadership Philosophy

• We are a diverse, talented, and hardworking organization dedicated to providing the highest quality R&D to the
warfighter and the nation.

• We are motivated by the knowledge that the work we do is critical to the warfighter and to our nation, is technically
challenging, and is conducted in an environment that promotes respect and success.

• We value learning, communication, honesty, and excellence.

• We use consultative and participative leadership, mentoring, teamwork, and personal initiative to foster innovation and creativity while applying common sense best judgment.

• We believe that the team process produces superior results with each person contributing leadership, management,
technical, and team skills.

• We value individuals with excellent leadership, management, technical, and team skills, who are multitalented, who
demonstrate passion and commitment to success, and who have a desire for continuous learning and improvement.


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