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Centrifuge Research Center

The U.S. Army Centrifuge Research Center is located at ERDC-Vicksburg, MS, and is managed by the Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory. ERDC has a successful history of applying centrifuge techniques in the solution of high-priority challenges to the Army. Early pioneering work on weapons effects in the mid-1970s was followed by research projects on liquefaction, erosion of dams, and earthquake engineering. The capabilities of the Army centrifuge will address research needs in physical modeling across the full range of engineering applications that will depend on the ingenuity of its users and the design of the appurtenances. Centrifuge applications cover a broad range, from the engineering fields of coastal, cold regions, environmental, geotechnical, and hydraulics to structural applications. This facility is available for use by both Government and non-Government researchers. For additional information, visit the Center's Web page or e-mail the director of the Centrifuge Research Center.

Materials Testing Center

The Materials Testing Center (MTC) is committed to quality testing and inspection services that are delivered on time and meet the requirements of its customers. The work includes planning and executing testing programs, investigations, and studies that involve civil and military applications of geotechnical, concrete and materials, and structural engineering; soil and rock mechanics; geology; and airfields and pavements. The MTC provides commercial laboratory inspection services to U.S. Army Engineer Districts, to ensure compliance with Engineer Regulations 1110-1-8100 (Laboratory Investigations and Testing) and 1110-1-261 (Quality Assurance of Laboratory Testing Procedures). For additional information, visit the MTC Web site or e-mail the MTC director.

TeleEngineering Operations Center

The TeleEngineering Operations Center (TEOC) provides a "reachback" engineering capability that allows Department of Defense personnel deployed worldwide to talk directly with experts in the United States when a problem in the field needs quick resolution. Deployed troops can be linked to subject matter experts within the Corps of Engineers, private industry, and academia to obtain detailed analysis of complex problems that would difficult to achieve with the limited expertise or computational capabilities available in the field. The TEOC can be contacted by e-mail; by fax (nonsecure), (601) 634-2764; or by telephone, (601) 634-2735/3485, 1-877-223-8322, or DSN (312) 446-2735/3485.

Information Analysis Centers

GSL manages three Department of Defense Information Analysis Centers (IACs): Airfields, Pavements, and Mobility (APMIAC), Concrete Technology (CTIAC), and Soil Mechanics (SMIAC). These Centers are among other IACs sponsored by military organizations and agencies. The other military-sponsored IACs provide information related to Coastal Engineering Defense, Cold Regions Science and Technology, Defense Threat Reduction, Environmental, Hydraulic Engineering, Human Systems Integration, Modeling and Simulation, and Shock and Vibration. The GSL IACs respond to user requests through oral and written counsel from technical experts on the staff. Many IAC services are available at little or no cost. Some abstracts and indexes, current awareness products, and technical inquiry services are free. However, fees may be charged to offset the costs of collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information. For additional information about any of the three GSL IACs, visit the GSL IAC Web page or send e mail to

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